These days were spent with Hunter.He scooped me up from the town of Bishop and we headed north. 

We spent a night in Mammoth Lakes. Went to the brewery there. The next day, we drove through Yosemite and both marveled at the hugeness of the place, thankful for the leaders with foresight enough to set aside land to just be wild. 

We stayed two nights in a little house in North Fork, the exact center of California. Then we drove a few hours to Union City, CA, near San Francisco, to visit our friend Ashley and her family. Ashley, Blake, Sabian, Raya, and Blake’s parents, Jeff and Connie, showed us such a good time that we stayed for two nights, basking in the glow of a loving family. 


On Sunday, we packed up and drove all the way back to Bishop. We repacked all of our bags, went to the brewery for dinner, then passed out from exhaustion. 

Monday morning, Hunter dropped me back at the trailhead and then drove to Las Vegas to catch a flight to Albuquerque. I cried as he drove away, but made myself stop. What good does it do when I have to hike on? It was a long seven miles back to the actual PCT, but the climb kept my mind and body occupied. 

That’s the gist of what we did, but I can’t begin to really sum it all up. It was a big week full of realizing how far we’ve both come, how strong our relationship has grown. 

This is the first relationship where I’ve stuck around through difficult times to come out the other end more in love than before. I’m learning about commitment. I’m learning what love is really. We both are. 

Off we go to our separate tasks. It was hard to say goodbye, knowing that there is a good possibility that we won’t see each other for another three months. But we’re strong. We’re growing stronger all the time.