mile 569.3 – 587.3
18 miles
The wind only picked up overnight. It wasn’t a problem while I slept, protected in my little tree haven, but it was hard to convince myself to get moving this morning. 
I climbed slowly all morning, stopping for breakfast a mile in- a fruit Danish from the bakery yesterday. About three miles in, I got Hunter on the phone and sat down to talk to him, as my signal was becoming spotty. He’s meeting up with some friends of mine later today for lunch and a movie. I wish I could be with them. 
At least 30 minutes into the call, the wind shifted and the call dropped. It was time to move on. Truly, the rest of the day is kind of a blur. I climbed a little more, then went downhill for awhile, then uphill again. I walked on a dirt bike road for a few miles. I took an hour for lunch, then walked some more. 
I stopped about 14 miles into my day at a spring trough to filter water and went ahead and cooked dinner. Then, I walked another two miles before I stopped and ate dinner. Two miles after that, I found a flat place and pitched my tent. No spiders tonight!
Today was kind of one of those in-between days. It was nice out and the scenery was nice. Nothing terribly interesting happened, but nothing bad. I was alone most of the day, which was probably good because I was so tired. 
I’ve been tired a lot lately. I never seem to feel rested. I don’t know if it’s just the constant movement and wear and tear on my body, or if I’m not sleeping well, or if it’s more serious than that. I’ve also been in pain a lot lately, which might contribute to me feeling tired. I’m sure it doesn’t help. My feet and knees hurt more than I think they should. My knees are always stiff and tender. I can no longer squat and even sitting down in a chair and getting back up is a challenge. My feet have been a little better since I got the insoles- the arches don’t hurt anymore- but my heels hurt really badly. It never goes away. My feet kind of become somewhat numb to the pain throughout the day, but any time I stop and start again, i have to hobble along for a few minutes to warm back up. Everyone has a bit of the hiker wobble, especially in the mornings. I hope that spending a couple of days in Kennedy Meadows will help me heal up a little. I’m going to need my full strength for the Sierras. 
I just fell asleep typing. I should call it a night. 
Today’s hike was powered by lots of podcasts.