mile 469-ish – mile 478.2 (Casa de Luna)
9-ish miles

It was cold but pretty this morning. The trail was smooth and and easy and we didn’t have far to go to reach our goal for the day- Casa de Luna. I know we just had a zero at Hiker Heaven, but I’ve been reading about Casa de Luna for just as long and I couldn’t just walk on by. 

We got to the highway by 11:00 and got a hitch right away who took us right to the front door of Casa de Luna. 

Not that we’re comparing, but CDL could not be more different than HH. Whereas HH was a precision operation, CDL is all laissez faire relaxation. We hopped out of the truck bed and basically stepped into a living room in the driveway. I was greeted with a hug from Terry Anderson. We got a brief rundown (food goes in the shed, pick out a Hawaiian shirt, find a camp spot in the manzanita forest, dance for your class bandana), then someone handed me a beer. 

All my shopping is done, so I can just relax. Blazer and I walked to the convenience store and I ate a sandwich and a pint of ice cream. Then I took a three-hour nap. I probably could have just kept sleeping, but the Andersons (the awesome people who ARE Casa de Luna) put out taco salad fixins every night and I didn’t want to miss that. 

I danced for my bandana. Then we all just chilled. From the stories I’ve heard for years, I expected this to be the party house, but it’s incredibly calm and relaxing here. 

Here’s something else, I’m not thrilled with my trail name and I’m trying to decide whether to keep it. It’s hard to introduce myself as Queenie. So, we’ll see. 

Today I met…some new people, but more importantly, Dudders showed back up today!!! I met Dudley in Mt. Laguna, if you remember. He got a nasty blister and had to get off trail in Julian. He was off trail for three weeks and decided just to jump up to about where he would have been if he’d kept going. It was great to see him!

Today I learned, Snickers ice cream is just okay, even if you’re a hiker. 

Today’s hike was powered by nap time and taco salad.