mile 454.5 (Agua Dulce) – mile 469-ish
14.5-ish miles

Back to work! But first, breakfast! 

Today we said goodbye to Hiker Heaven. This was the first place on trail that I’ve had a hard time leaving. It’s always a little difficult for me to leave behind a nice warm bed and hot shower, but this is different. Hiker Heaven felt so safe and comfortable. And I am already a little attached to the dogs. 

Blazer and I took the first shuttle into town with about 10 other hikers. We all had a long breakfast at the Sweetwater. 

Blazer and I started walking around 9:15. The trail went right through town for a few miles before becoming dirt trail again, then up we climbed. It was sunny, but cool today. As we climbed higher, that damn wind started again. 
I was tired today. All day, I just wanted to sleep. My body felt heavy and tired. My feet hurt. I think the accumulation of miles is really catching up with me. 

By 12 miles in we were looking for a campsite. It was getting cold and there was a dark cloud hanging over us. The marked campsite we found was full, so we marched on, looking around for a flat spot anywhere to pitch. We finally found something around 15 miles in. I was freezing! 

We made camp as well as we could with the space we had. I made cold instant mashed potatoes wrapped in a tortilla for dinner. 

Then, dum dum dummmmmm, I had to dig a cat hole. In the cold! When you gotta go, you gotta go, y’all. Now, for the last week, we’ve passed by at least one privy every day, so I haven’t had to dig a hole once! The biggest thing is, I haven’t had to squat. My knees are a mess! So, I did my business and got back to my tent quick. But now I’m quite concerned about my knees. 

Today I met, Sky and Jeremy from Memphis! So nice! Jeremy is a teacher who got to Memphis by doing a stretch with Teach for America, and then stayed with the same school. Sky, his wife, is from Toronto and we talked about how difficult it is to get permission to work legally in this country and the whole green card process. 

Today I learned the phrase “Teamwork makes a dream work” from Jeremy and I love it!

Today’s hike was powered by eggs and coffee and potatoes and sourdough toast. 

Life is demanding without understanding. 


What does it mean?!?


And a lizard.