Hwy 18 mile 266.1 – mile 282.6
16.5 miles


This morning looked a lot like yesterday morning, but with two more people. Lisa’s mom and brother got in late last night. After we’d all gone to bed. Poor souls. That didn’t affect our start time at all. We were out of the house by about 8:45 and hiking by a little after 9:00. 

Unfortunately, Wang, GB and I immediately lost the others and they never caught up. We didn’t even get to say goodbye. Then, we all lost each other and stayed scattered for the rest of the day. 

I knew immediately that it was going to be a rough day. I felt tired and heavy from the beginning. My saving grace was the steady terrain- not much up and down. I just went slow, plodded along. 

It’s all a blur. There were trees and bushes and other people and a few views, but mostly I was tired and felt heavy and sore. Wang had said at the beginning that she wanted to do about 18 miles today, so that’s what I was shooting for, but when it started sprinkling around 4:30, I threw on my rain gear and started looking for a place to camp. About an hour later, I found a little flat spot that didn’t look terrible, putting up my tent and crawled in. Then, I ate SO MUCH FOOD. I’m not sure if I was even really hungry, but it felt really good to pig out. 

While I was eating, I took my phone off airplane mode and tried to call Hunter. There was no getting through. I was cold, lonely, tired. I started crying. I sat in my tent and ate and cried in turns. Then I accepted that I wasn’t getting through and I put in some music and let it play out loud. Hey, no one was around! I played everything I have by our friends The Danberrys. Hearing them was comforting. 

Eventually, I did get enough service to text with Hunter, which was also comforting. And now, here I am, fighting sleep to write this.
We’re supposed to have good weather tomorrow! Glory!

Today I was in my own world, so the people I met I barely remember. 

Today I learned:
– There’s no shame in camping early if you’re tired!

Today’s hike was powered by lots of candy.