Big Bear Lake
Zero day; Zero miles

A real rest day! So needed. 

Lisa, Rusty, GB, Wang and I all stayed at GB’s family’s cabin in Big Bear Lake last night. I’m so grateful! It was so nice to be in a home environment amongst friends. 

Since we all kind of just took a break at Idyllwild (although, I was the only one who zeroed there), we didn’t have a ton of chores to do. Yay! Just a PO run, a grocery run, and stops at the outdoor store and the liquor store. Then, back to the house for a nice rest day! Cinco de Mayo!

Lisa made margaritas. We went through our food and balked at how heavy our food bags are for the next section. We found some old pinup playing cards. We taped up each other’s injuries. Lots of stuff happened. We had a good time. I’m still stiff and sore, but I feel good. Ready to go again. 

Tomorrow, all six of us will get up and take two cars, drop one off at tomorrow’s end point and take the other to Onyx Summit, where the PCT open’s back up after the most recent fire closure. We will all be slack-packing a bit, which means we won’t be carrying fully packed backpacks. GB, his friend Matt, Lisa and Rusty will only be day hiking, as Lisa’s mom and brother are coming to visit them on Saturday. Wang and I will leave and retrieve some of our heavier gear and food at the end point shuttle and then hike on a few miles to camp. It’s gonna be a good day. 

There’s other stuff going on, too. I’m dealing with some old insecurities, things I’m processing and not ready to talk about. Silly what’s-wrong-with-me-nothing’s-wrong-with-me things. I know you just can’t wait to read about my sad-sack, first-world-problem insecurities. 

Today I met:

– Matt, GB’s friend from college who is just finishing up law school and visiting GB for a couple of days. 

Today I learned:

– Stuff

Today’s zero day was brought to you by tequila.