PCT mile 180.8 – mile 200.5 (And San Jacinto Peak, via the alternate = +1 mile)
20.7 miles


I don’t know what to say about today, but it was long and I was grumpy. I didn’t sleep well last night because it was COLD! I kept waking up all tense and trying to change positions, but anything that required me to move from the fetal position was too cold. I’m going to look into getting a sleeping bag liner. 

Wang and the Texans took off before me. I’m a pretty quick packer now, but it takes me forever to motivate myself out of my “warm” bed. I caught up with them at the top of San Jacinto Peak (10,834 ft). It was pretty, but we couldn’t stay long, because the snow we had to climb up to get to the top was beginning to meld and become slushy. For this reason, I always wonder if peak bagging is really worth it. So much work and it seems you never really get to enjoy the top for very long before you have to rush down due to some weather-related thing. But maybe that’s just the grumpus talking. 

Once we were off the peak, all I wanted was to get back to the official PCT as quickly as possible and be on my way. I don’t know why, exactly, but I had very itchy feet all day. I just wanted to keep moving and get ahead of the pack I’m in right now. Lisa, Rusty and GB are a day ahead and I want to catch up and hike with them for awhile, I think. 

Thankfully, the trail was downhill all the way after the peak, so I flew. And I just kept on flying. All the way to mile 200.5! I should reach Ziggy and The Bear, a trail angel couple’s place, where I have a resupply package awaiting me. From there, I might see if I can take a shuttle to Big Bear past the second fire closure. There’s really not a good reroute for that one that doesn’t involve some highway walking. 

I was so homesick all day today. Homesick for Hunter. Homesick for our friends. Homesick for the kitties and our house and my soft life there. I was all out of sorts. But, I got to have two long conversations with H today, and I talked to my friend Jess for a while. And the best thing of all is, I’m in my tent and I’m warm!!!! It’s the perfect temp- cool enough for me to sleep inside my bag, but warm enough that I’m actually comfortable! It’s such a relief!

Today I met:
– Ashley and Brandon, also big Umphrey’s fans! 

Today I learned:
– Sometimes you gotta outrun the grumpus. 
– Always unwrap your blisters and hot spots at night and let them breathe. 

Today’s hike was powered by phone calls from home.