Idyllwild Zero day; Zero miles
Lemme tell you something about zero days, they are not days off. Actually, I think they are busier than hike days. 
I woke up a couple of times in the night completely disoriented. Warm, soft, comfortable? What is this place? 
After sleeping in until maybe 7:30, GB (Golden Boy) and I decided to venture forth and do laundry. We shared a load , and the guy who owns the laundry gave us some loaner clothes so we could wash everything! And, he was kind enough to drive us over to the bakery/coffee shop while our clothes washed. Wifi! 
I got to have a long conversation with Hunter while the clothes were drying. I miss that guy. 
After laundry, we had breakfast and discussed the rest of the day. Then, we walked to the grocery store to resupply on food. Then, we walked over to the outfitter to replace some gear. I got new, hopefully warmer, gloves, and a second pair of Injinji toe socks to hike in. I also needed a few things that they didn’t have, like more tent stakes. Well, they did have tent stakes, but they were too heavy. I’ll have to order those online. GB left me at the outfitter and walked back to the cabin to rest up, as he was leaving that day. 
I made my way back to the room to regroup, and right after I got there, Wang showed up. She got settled in while I paid my credit card bill, and took care of some other online banking business. Then, Wang and I walked over to the grocery again, as she needed to do some shopping and I had forgotten a few things. We left GB at the room and he left to get back on trail while we were gone. 
After groceries, Wang and I went to a coffee shop to use the wifi to get some blog posts up and do some other internet stuff, but the wifi there sucked, so we left. I went back to the bakery from this morning and Wang went to the pharmacy. This is when it started storming. Thundering and pouring rain. It lasted for a god long time and we hoped that GB was safe, as he had just headed up, up, up into the mountains. 
When it stopped pouring, Wang joined me at the bakery and we closed the place down at 4:00. We waddled out way back to the room, both of us with our various pains, and did some MORE internet stuff. I ordered a new fleece because I’m sick of being cold. We looked at our maps for tomorrow, trying to decide when to leave and where to camp and which route to take back to trail and where the next water source will be. 
Dinner time! Wang called in a pizza, and I walked back to the grocery store (again!) to get two pints of ice cream, then over to pick up our pizza (BBQ chicken!). 
While at the pizza joint, I ran into a table of PCTers. Sita, Shayla and Micheal (from night two) and two guys I didn’t know. Shayla had on a giant knee brace. When she was descending into Idyllwild, she stepped down and her knee just buckled. Ugh! Then, she had to walk 3 more miles with her pack on to get to a road to hitch to the hospital! Nothing is broken, but she has to rest it for at least a week or more. I feel so bad for her, but the good thing is that she and Michael set out to do this mostly to spend time together and have an experience, and completing the trail is secondary for them. They’re thinking of hitching up to Big Bear City and hanging out there until the people they’ve been hiking with make it up there and then seeing where they are then. This is a good reminder that this could happen to any of us and we should all be careful out here. 
So, I took our dinner back to the room and we choked down and watched “Hook” on VHS! Oh, dear Robin Williams, gone much too soon. 
Wang went to sleep after that, but I still needed to reorganize my pack a little to get it ready for the morning, so I stayed up about another 45 minutes. I’m so tired and I didn’t get to really rest my body today, but at least I get one more night in this soft, warm bed. 
I know this sounds a lot like “This happened and then that happens and then this other thing happens and then and then and then”, but that is actually how it really felt to live through, so there you have it. 
Today I met:
– I kept running into this couple today, but I never go their names. 
– Richard, the guy who owns the laundromat. 
Today I learned:
– Zero days are busier than hiking days. 
– I have really got to figure out how to be more focused in town. 
– Texting is a terrible means of communication. Duh. 
Today’s zero day was powered by wifi, mostly.