Lake Morena Campground – Fred Canyon Road12.6 miles (+ .8 mile to Cibbets Flat Campground 

I’m moving slowly after yesterday. It took me almost 9 hours to hike 13 miles. A little frustrating, but I know I’ll get stronger. The important thing right now is not to injure myself by pushing too hard. 
This was my first morning waking up on trail. It was so cold last night, I didn’t sleep well. I don’t have a routine with my gear yet, so this morning was more complicated than it probably needed to be. Once I started hiking, I had to stop about three times to get out things I needed and had forgotten to keep accessible. I’m sure my trail name will actually end up being Shit Show if I’m not careful. 
It’s beautiful hiking in the early morning. It was a pretty easy climb out of Lake Morena, though it did get steep and I had to stop about 2 miles in to de-layer. There was a lot of climbing today, but it didn’t seem too bad compared to the climb after Hauser last night. It was mostly well-switchbacked with a few steep sections. What really got me, I think, was that I was tired from yesterday, started too late today, and there were no good break spots with shade today, so I walked too far without breaking. 
I got to my campsite by about 4:30, met some new people, did camp chores, forced myself to eat and drink something, did some yoga and got into my tent before dark. We all did. 
I know it’s only my second day and that I’ll get stronger and stronger, but I’m a little surprised by just how tired I am. All I could do today was put one foot in front of the other, much less be very sociable with people, much-much less think about anything. The exertion of hiking uphill with already maxed-out legs pushed every thought from my head. In a way, it was nice. I’ve had so much on my mind lately with all the planning that it was nice to not think about anything at all. 
Who I met: Sita from Poland, Karen from Seattle, Michael and Sheila (Shayla) from Switzerland, Tracy and Charlie whose kids just went to college so they are doing the PCT before moving to Florida. 
What I learned today:
– Don’t leave opened chocolate in your hipbelt pocket because it will melt and get all over everything and you will have to cut off the pocket and lose the place where you put your snacks. Note: a new, bigger hipbelt pocket has been ordered and sent to my next mail drop location. Thanks, ZPacks, for being super speedy!

– It’s nice to get to camp early and have time to hang out with people and recover from the day.
Today’s hike was powered by a talk with Hunter, Umphrey’s McGee 1/27/15 Athens, GA, and the desire to camp early.