Southern Terminus-Lake Morena Campground 20 miles

  Melissa Z, our friend and my gracious San Diego host, hiked in 8.4 miles with me. Met Bruce, just retired from the Airforce, with a wife and kids back home. Hope we meet again so I can find an opportunity to say, “Don’t bring me down, Bruce!” I’m sure he’s never heard that one before. 

Only took 4 liters of water for the first 20 miles, figuring about 1 liter per 5 miles, which was stupid. Though, many people took way too much and were weighed down and exhausted. Many people were camping at Hauser Creek (mile 15), but I decided to make the climb to Lake Morena (mile 20). The climb was a bear, but I’m glad I did it. It proved something to myself and it got me out of the heard a little. Got in right at sundown. Beautiful sunset. Best shower of my life to date. Some hot spots on feet, taped them. After my shower, All I had energy to do was drunk some water, eat a Clif bar and crash into my sleeping bag. 
I kept to myself today. My mind was almost blank. I thought I’d be full of emotions and thought, but I felt pretty blank. Even at the souther terminus I didn’t really feel excited so much as just ready. It’s very unlike me to be so emotionally neutral. Interesting. 
Today’s hike was fueled by jelly bellies, Dwight Yoakum, Loretta and Willie. 
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