I had big plans, folks. BIG PLANS!

I wanted to build a blog like the ones that have inspired me so much. I was going to write about all of my preparations. There were going to be itemized gear lists, gear reviews, food prep info and recipes, resupply strategy posts and a list of where care packages could be sent. This blog was going to have it all! I do like a lofty goal.

But, between working six and seven long days a week to make the money part happen, and planning the hike while also, essentially, planning a wedding, I just ran out of time.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I eloped in November, and since we’re party people, we decided to throw what became The Shoeele Elopement Extravaganza Weekend. It was the best party ever, just a big hang out love fest with so many people we love, all just celebrating love. It was amazing…and exhausting. It took an entire week to recover, which means that all of the “last minute” hike planning I expected to do in the past two weeks had to happen in one week…while I was still working. I might be insane.

I find myself in an airport on the way to San Diego, learning acceptance once again. I spent the last hour of my time at home frantically cramming my gear into my backpack, accepting that I would just have to sort through and repack the whole thing on the other end of my flight. I’ll spend an extra day with a friend in San Diego finishing up a long list of small but important items, and I have accepted that, too. I have accepted that some things I wanted to do will not get done, and I have let them go. I must accept that this blog will be what it will be. I will do my best.

I know most of you will be happy just to know I’m alive and get a few pictures from time to time, but I’ll try to do a little better than that.

Away we go!